Saturday, March 05, 2005

How high??

So tomorrow, I will be gone ALL DAY. So no posts.
I will be at the Scott firefighter Stair Climb.
A quick clip about it:
At 788 feet of vertical elevation, the Bank of America Tower in downtown Seattle stands as the second tallest building west of the Mississippi. It takes 69 flights of stairs and 1,311 steps to reach the highly acclaimed observation deck overlooking the city.

In 2004, 837 firefighters from more than 130 departments successfully completed the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb, making this our largest competition to date. Thanks to the many participants, volunteers and corporate supporters for their continued support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

We climb these 69 floors in full turnouts, with airpacks, masked up, breathing air, just as we would if it was a real fire. Only here, there is no adrenalin, no anticipation of what the fire might be like when we get there, no victims to save.. Only the pain. And we do this on purpose folks! So look for the pin-up on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Rather be Lucky..

I have NEVER won anything. If I go to an event, and they have a raffle, I buy a ticket just to donate the money. It has, up til last night, never failed.

So, last night was the Fire Departments Annual Banquet. We eat, drink, and make merry, and leave our tiny hamlet without Emergency Medical and Fire Services. (Not really, we have coverage.)
At this Banquet, there is a VERY large table, covered with prizes for the raffle. As I said before, I never win, so I didn't even go look at the table. You can imagine my surprise when my name was the 3rd drawn!
When I got to the table, there was no decision to be made. I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw it.

The Orange County Choppers Fire bike. My selection may seem silly, but to those who have lost brothers-in-arms, they understand this. The guys who went up into the towers that cool September day, they KNEW they were going into harms way, yet they did it anyway. OCC made this bike as a tribute to them. I watched the making on it the first time it was aired on Discovery Channel. I cried. I lost 343 brothers that day. This bike has a special place in my heart. AND I WON IT! How cool is that!

Ya, I know, easily amused. What can I say.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

New "Gun Rights Revoked" Bills

Well, this year is a banner year for the freakin Politicians. They have proposed more BS Gun Legislation than ever before. Here is a quick run-down of all the Gun Bills in Senate and house, good and bad. (This is current as of about Feb 1st.) All of this was SHAMELESSLY borrowed (on a permanent basis) from the great guys over at Everybody needs to go over and have a look around the place.

Bill#................. Subject ................Sponsor ...............Status
  1. SB 5041 Sentencing range McCaslin (R-4) S. Jud.
  2. SB 5131 Insanity finding/firearms Carrell (R-28) S.Jud.
  3. SB 5167 Firearm suppressors Hargrove (D-24) S.Jud.
  4. SB 5342 Safe storage of firearms Kohl-Welles (D-36) S.Jud.
  5. SB 5343 Gun show loophole Kohl-Welles (D-36) S.Jud.
  6. SB 5344 Capitol campus gun ban Fairley (D-32) S. Jud.
  7. SB 5383 Juvenile hunting licenses Oke (R-26) S. NatRes
  8. SB 5475 Assault weapon ban Kline (D-37) S. Jud.
  9. SB 5545 deployed military CPL renewal Roach (R-31) S. Jud.
  10. SB 5593 .50 BMG rifle ban Kline (D-37) S. Jud.
  11. SB 5635 Restoration of rights Schoesler (R-9) S.Jud.
  12. SJM 8005 Manufacturer protection Benton (R-17) S. Jud.
  13. HB 1133 Public disclosure law Nixon (R-45) H. StatGov
  14. HB 1213 Juvenile hunting licenses Clements (R-14) H.NatRes
  15. HB 1473 Safe storage of firearms…….Moeller (D-49) H. Jud.
  16. HB 1489 Capitol campus gun ban Williams (D-22) H.Jud.
  17. HB 1490 Park/rec area gun ban Darneille (D-27) H. Jud.
  18. HB 1627 Assault weapon ban Kagi (D-32) H. Jud.
  19. HJM 4002 Manufacturer protection Curtis (R-18) H.Jud.
Key to abbreviations: S. = Senate, H. = House, HJM = House Joint Memorial, Jud = Judiciary, CJ&J = Criminal Justice & Corrections, Fish/Ecol = Fisheries, Ecology & Parks, JuvJust = Juvenile Justice, Educ = Education, LocGov = Local Government, NatRes = Natural Resources; W&M = Ways and Means
GOAL position on bills:
SB 5041 Neutral
SB 5131 Neutral
SB 5167 Support
SB 5342 Oppose
SB 5343 Oppose
SB 5344 Concerns
SB 5383 Neutral
SB 5475 Oppose
SB 5545 Support
SB 5593 Oppose
SB 5635 Support
HB 1133 Neutral
HB 1213 Neutral
HB 1433 Oppose
HB 1489 Oppose
HB 1490 Oppose
HB 1627 Oppose
HJM 4002 Support

If don't get involved, THEY WILL take away our rights!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I would just like to take a quick moment and KICK TREKMEDIC RIGHT IN THE ASS!

Damnit man, life was good and easy until you mentioned the BBC series Monarch of the Glen. I had never heard of it. Then I had to call the "Evil Giant Cable Company" and have them add BBC America to our programming, and now I can't watch it enough!

Now I am frantically trying to catch up on the first couple of seasons.. Oi..

Monarch is the Story of The MacDonald Clan who reside at the Estate called GlenBogle. It's like crack on TV. Kinda like a Scottish version of Seinfeld..

Dead Goblin.

From the Birmingham News of February 28, 2005 we have the tale of a man tied up, who frees himself and kills the shitbag bogeyman who is ransacking his home.
Man frees self after being tied up to kill man holding his wife A Shelby County man freed himself after being tied up and then fatally shot an armed, masked intruder inside his Chelsea home during a home invasion early Sunday morning, Shelby County authorities said.

[Attorney Robby] Owens said the homeowner would not face any charges. "If you're in your house, your own home, you're going to have a lot of freedom to protect yourself, especially your wife, your family and property,"

WOOHOO!! Finally two things to celebrate! A good guy wins, and a lawyer that doesn't have his head up his ass!

Dead Goblin Count: 16


Two weeks ago I posted about Sgt. Adam Plumondore, and his Sacrifice for us in Iraq. Adam is now home. Rivrdog, my neighbor just across the river, saw to it that the flowers were placed, and final salute snapped. And yes, in the last picture, that is Oregon Governor Ted Kulongowski, there to pay his last respect too.

My thanks goes out to Rivrdog. For being there to represent all of us who could not be there.

Rest in Peace Adam.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another Reminder..

Folks, I know this has been beat to death by several other blogs, so I will make it quick. What this is, is another Hero. Rather than protecting us in Iraq, this one died on the homefront. But his life was not given in vain. No, fifty-two-year-old Mark Alan Wilson gave his life to save the life of a boy he had never met. He succeeded in saving the boy too.
Smith County Sheriff J-B Smith said deputies on the scene credited Wilson with saving the life of 23-year-old David Hernandez Arroyo Junior.
The police ended up finishing the job that Mark Wilson started.

Rest in Peace Mark. Thank You for your sacrifice.

Pin-Up Pic..

Redhead Jackie Miller was an impressive 5' 11'' with a 40-26-38 figure. She could give you a charming smile one minute, and the next hit you with a coquettish pout. Before her work with Irving Klaw, (A 1950's Larry Flynt) Miller was a showgirl in the Miami area and did modeling for the one-and-only Bunny Yeager. She faded into the night after the 60's. In all probability, Miller was another victim of pin-up model typecasting. Just like an actor who plays their role too well, Miller just looked too good in impossible heels and corsets

But Gawd, what a figure! I am going to need a LONG COLD shower!

Folks, I appoligize for the temporary hiatus I have been on here lately. Posts SHOULD be more frequent from here on. Except for mondays.. And this Saturday.. And probably Sunday, and then that next monday of course.. Ah shit, I get it done when I can!