Saturday, October 30, 2004

Off to bed...

I have to be at the station early on Sunday, I work a 12 hr shift. So blogging will be light, if at all. Go visit Kim DuToit at his joint, (He has weekend skin pics) or Ms. Sondra K (She is a skin Pic!) over at Knowledge is Power.

Only 3 days Left!

OK, so my wife comes in and declares, "I know what I want to carve into my pumpkin." Now, this could be one of those loaded, 'Do these pants make me look fat?' statements, so I reply with a somewhat nonchanlant, "uh huh." She looks directly at me and says, "I want a big W!" Yes folks, my wife, the non-confrontational one, wants to make her political statement on a pumpkin. Nice. Needless to say, I loved the idea! Hell ya, I may even forward it on to G.W. My son didn't understand it. He questioned our choice, stating that it should be scary. "Son, I promise, this scares the hell out of a lot of people." So, my wife's pumpkin, (on the left) says "W '04" and my son had me do a flaming skull.

Presidential Pumpkin
What can I say, the election season brings it out in my wife and I! She is brilliant, isn't she?


Another One Bites the Dust...

YeeHaw! Chalk up another one for the good guys! The Local 2 News in Houston reports that:

"Police said the tire shop's caretaker, who lives at Leon's Tire Shop in the 4500 block of Telephone Road with his family, opened fire on a man who broke in through the back of the business at about 2 a.m.
Authorities said one bullet struck the man in the head, instantly killing him."

Nice shooting. Folks, that's what I mean when I talk about gun control. One shot fired, one bad guy dead! There shouldn't even be a question about whether or not to file charges. It's obvious our goblin was not there to sell cookies, nor was he mistaken about where he was, not that he's talking much! I bet his "homies" will think twice before returning to burglarize that store!

Dead Goblin Count: 2

Another Tape!

So, we are once again entertained by the antics of Osama Bin Laden! Yah! Just like every other celebrity, Bin Laden felt it was necessary to come out and remind us all to vote! How Nice!! AND, he reminds everyone that his LEAST favorite person is my boy G.W. Bush! Well, that cinches it. Bush should win in a landslide!

I have this suspicion that they are going to review this tape, and discover that it is some worthless piece of democratic shit dressed up like Osama. Trying to influence the election at the last minute.

Worthless Piece of Democratic Shit - Not Bin Laden
Nice try jerk off. Better luck in 4 years! Seriously people, everyday I am hearing news about how there are democrat's voting 2, 3, and even 4 times! What part of One Man (figuratively of course), One Vote don't they understand? First it was Dan "Fraud" Rather with his BS documents, now they are playing on our emotions from 9/11? Osama, I am here to tell you, Bush acted in a swift and decisive manner, ran your ass, and your Taliban out of Afghanistan, and sent you packing! This little game of "release a video" ain't gonna cut it any more. Do a live interview with FOX, and I might buy it, but until then, FUCK OFF! Oh, and CBS, ABC, NBC, please stop sensationalizing this asshole. He admits to killing 1000's of AMERICANS! Including 343 of my brothers in the FDNY. Come on guys, us a little common sense!

Alrighty, I am off to the range to release a little frustration. How many more days till it's over?


So, do we thank Al Gore, or do we kick him squarely in the balls? I mean, after all, it is his fault! He INVENTED the internet!

So last night, my computer OS finally called it quits. After suffering through I don't know how many viruses, spyware, trojans, and assorted other hacker bullshit, I finally had to re-format and re-install all of my programs. The wife and I didn't make it to bed until almost 3am. Then the pager goes off at 4am for a search for a downed aircraft.

So, I am up and running again. Much more blogging today. Ole!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Although this time of year evokes visions of squat little creatures with pointy ears and long fingers, probably hiding your bed, waiting to eat you..... Well, that was my nightmare as a kid. No, I am not talking about those goblins. I am talking about the bad guys, boogie men, cat burglar, stalker, pedophiles, rapists, psychopaths, serial murders. I use goblins as a generic term. These are the people we wish we could put on a rocket, and shoot them into the sun. As a gesture to these foul, wastes of oxygen, I propose a new post. I admit I shamelessly stole the idea from Kim DuToit. His "Dead Goblin Count" is a thing to behold. I believe he started it last year, and it is now over 80! SO, I will start mine off now. "Man Shoots and Kills Intruder" in the The Carolina Channel.

McCard said Cikanowick kept using the pepper spray on Devita and his daughter. The two men struggled into a bedroom, where Devita retrieved a gun. McCard said that during the struggle, Devita shot Cikanowick.

Cikanowick, 36, of Simpsonville, died at the scene.

Nice. What can I say. Bad Guy wants good guy dead, but brought a Stun Gun to a Gun Fight!

So, with this, our dead goblin count is 1. If you hear of stories, feel free to forward them to me.

Dead Goblin Count: 1

5 Days to go!

Only 5 more days left! Yes Folks, in 5 days we will be rid of John "Fuckwit" Kerry and his ambulance chasing cohort. It is beyond me how that man has made it as far as he has! I found this video. I love it! Love, Love, Love! It details Good Ole 'Flip Flops' history of taking EVERY stance on EVERY issue! He is truly the "candidate for all Americans. No matter what side you are on, John Kerry is on your side!" Some of the comments this mindless moron has made are just baffling!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

PIG Pics!

YA! Time for the next installment of the weekly PIG pictures! For those of you who missed the first one, PIG stands for Politically Incorrect Gun, PIG! So, allow me to introduce.......

The Springfield M1 Garand

This is the rifle that won WW II. Our boys carried this throughout the war, in both the Pacific Theater, and the European Theater. Although it was not the only rifle used, it was the most widely used, and perhaps the most reliable. A few fun facts:

  • It is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle (meaning one trigger pull=One bullet fired)
  • The M1 weighs in at about 9.5 pounds, plus ammo!
  • It shoots the ever so manly 30.06 round
  • It uses a special 8 round enbloc clip to hold ammo, to facilitate ease of loading
  • The stock is American Walnut
  • New production from Springfield will run about $1350
  • A CMP rifle will still run about $600-$1300 for a 50 year old original

*sigh* I am in love. I have this love affair with history, especially historic firearms. Excuse me while I go smoke a cigarette....

The Faint Orange Glow..

Yesterday we had a large structure fire. It was a double wide mobile home that had been donated to the Dept for a training burn. We were the first crew in, with me on the hose as the "nozzle man". As we entered the structure, the smoke was at about shoulder height. By the time we made it to the back room, the smoke was knee high. By the time I was in position, the smoke hit the floor. Visibility was ZERO. Span of time, maybe 30 seconds. We had lights and everything, but you could not see crap! Then, from about 10 feet away, I see this faint orange glow. It starts as just a flicker, kind of like, "Did I just see something?" Then it grows, and grows, til you realize the fire has completely engulfed the bathroom, and is moving to you. We knocked out the windows to clear the smoke, and started knocking the fire back. Just a little bit at a time, (don't want a steam bath!) finally advancing into the bathroom to finish it off. When we came out, the plastic from the ceiling had melted all over us. Figure it had to be a couple HUNDRED degrees in there.... Thank Goodness for our gear! One thing I have learned in the last year, it's NOTHING like "Back Draft." It's much better.

Pics will follow in a day or two.....
In the meantime, go check out
Firehouse, all the cool firefighters hang out there!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Work Day...

I have to pull a 36 hr shift at the Fire Dept, so blogging will be light, if at all. In the mean time, go and visit some of my linked blogs.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

One Year Ago....

Holy Crap, I can't believe it. One year ago I started the fire academy here. Although I am just a volunteer firefighter, we still go through a 10 week academy, and a one year probationary period, just like almost every other firefighter in the USofA. They don't just allow any Joe off the street in, either. I had to go through a written test, physical fitness test, and oral interview before I was accepted into the academy, then had to pass the academy.

Our final exam, (one of them) was a live fire training exercise. We filled a house with debris, then set it ablaze. Our class, (pictured below) was divided in "Engine Companies" who took turns going in and extinguishing the blaze. This went on ALL DAY. At the end, we light up the entire house, let it get good and going, then the class gathers in front for a picture.

I enjoy being a Firefighter/EMT. I work for a great Fire Dept. The chief is good, training is excellent, and I like my Captain. The crew I work with are some of the best people I know.

As a matter of fact, I got home this morning (12:30 am) from the station. I had to go in and man a second out engine because we had a fire at a gas station. They had a fire, but it was controlled so-to-speak, and ended up being nothing. It turned out that they were receiving a fuel shipment, and the vapor recover system was over-loaded with the fuel vapors. This causes a fail-safe system to kick. This safety system is in an exhaust chimney, and it LIGHTS the fuel vapor! Now, it turns out that this is actually a common occurrence, but it still shocked the daylights out of me to learn it!

"Hi, this is our safety system. It lights the fuel vapor, causing a large
fireball that scares the hell out of the neighbors."

OSHA approved this thing? OK, Whatever! Ya know what we call things like that? JOB SECURITY!

Adding More, for your viewing enjoyment!

Well, I am playing around with some new stuff, thought you might find this one interesting.

Blogs For Bush

Give it a looky, then add one to your site! It will make you "Mue Bueno" with the Senoritas!

As if You Needed a Reason...

Please, go check out the boys over at Capitalism Magazine. There is one article in particular. Its title? "Vote for President Bush"

Summary: The nature of this campaign is set, and the meaning of this election is: independence vs. dependence. The Bush policies favor America retaining its sovereignty--cooperating with allies as and when they are willing--and America on the offensive. The Kerry program favors America surrendering that independence to curry favor with the bribed French and the America-hating despots at the United Nations.

Well, what can I say? Just go ye forth, and learn from those who are wiser and more knowing than I.

Vote For Sale??

Apparently a Missouri man was arrested for trying to sell his vote on eBay? I did a quick google to find out a little more, and apparently he is not the only person trying it. See also:
The Cleveland Plains Dealer
KCTV in Kansas City
And just to prove that the idea is not an original one, check out the
CNN story about a guy who tried the same thing in the LAST election!
Really people! If you are not responsible enough to make an INFORMED, EDUCATED decision, I would prefer you stay out of the poles!