Friday, December 01, 2006

Tip of the week..

If you have been watching the TV show "Jericho" you may have noticed that there are a few in-consistencies. This is true for any TV show, but there is one particular in-consistency that needs to be addressed.

In an emergency, the first sign of trouble is usually a power-outage. No lights, no TV, no warning system, nada.

TIP: Go buy your wife a truckload of candles! They make her happy, and give us piece of mind that the candles can provide light when the power is out!
(Pick up a couple of "Forever" flashlights and a crank radio as well. Total cost.. About $85 with shipping)

Win-win situation!

Dumb ass criminals..

FACT: criminals are not usually the brightest people on the planet..
FACT: A 4 year old in a Power ranger Costume can scare them away..


Yup, it's true. In North Carolina, a youngsters parents were being held at gunpoint. The boy slipped out, dressed in his Power Rangers costume, grabbed his plastic sword, and attacked! The would-be bandits were so startled, they took off!

Check out the story here..

I'm off to go buy a Power Rangers costume..

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PIG Pic..

Springfield Armory has 2 new babies.. And I am going to have to buy them BOTH!
First is the NEW 1911 frame, in a SUB-compact, chambered in 9mm..

Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 9 + 1
Barrel: 3"
Sights: 3 dot tritium
Size: 23 ozs., 6.6" overall length
Trigger Pull: 5 to 6 lbs.
Magazines: 2

Next is an invention of a friend of mine! Take a std 4 inch barrel, and marry it to a sub-compact frame!
The NEW XD, in .45ACP!!

Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 10 + 1 *
Barrel: 4.04"
Sights: Dovetail front & rear (steel)
Size: 1.8 lbs., 7.25" overall length
Height: 5.1 in.
Trigger Pull: 5.5 to 7.7 lbs. Ultra Safety Assurance (USATM) action trigger system
Magazines: 1 Stainless Steel 10 rd. & 1 Stainless Steel 13 rd. w/ XD Gear X-Tension™, easy glide magazines

Oh, the bank account if feeling VERY anorexic!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knife Monkey..

Since I was off duty today, and we got the first DUSTING of snow, I felt the urge to go out and abuse some INFI!

Ahhhh... I feel soooo much better!


When I got hired Part-time, the Chief gave me a deadline to finish my taskbook.. I have 1 month left, and am about 2 pages away from being done. With all the hours I am scheduled, it shouldn't be a problem..

We went to the Dr on Monday.. We are having a GIRL!! Samantha Marie.. I'll have to teach her how to be a good American.. Hunt, fish, beat-up boys, the usual.

I have been replacing some of my rescue gear lately. I was on a mission, and had my vest go "Tango Uniform" on me. Luckly I carry some hasty repair items, but it was still no fun. So, I ordered this from :

It's very nice, completely adjustable and padded where it needs to be!