Friday, March 11, 2005


I will be away at a house fire tomorrow.. Yes, my department has a crystal ball, we know in ADVANCE when the fires will start.. Don't you wish you lived here!

OK, so maybe it's a training burn for some of our rookies.. big deal. I'll try to get the pictures posted tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the weekend!


What the fuck..
I posted the story about the 79 year old man who killed the worthless piece of crap that was robbing him.. Well.. They just arrested him, and charged him with murder!

I can't even write..

There is a poll here.. Go.. Vote, and let your voices be heard!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dead Goblin..

I have quite The Tale for you today. Allow me relate it to you, and see if we can garner some gem, some diamond in the rough, some little piece of knowledge, and we can ALL learn from it.
A Phenix City convenience store owner shot and killed a man Tuesday during an apparent robbery attempt, police said.
Kintae Omar James, 27, of Phenix City, was shot in the chest inside Don's Fine Foods, 2206 Fourth Ave., by the store's owner, Don Ford, 73, Phenix City Police Capt. Jim Hart said.
James was transported to The Medical Center in Columbus but died of the gunshot wound, Russell County Coroner Linda Key said.
No charges have been filed, but the case is still under investigation, Hart said. He said weapons were recovered at the scene but decline to described those weapons or to say whether James was armed.

I understand this is cheating, we already know the story has a happy ending, kinda like reading the last chapter of the mystery novel first. Hey, stick with me here, it gets better!
A witness said he heard as many as four gunshots fired from the store area, which is in the middle of the Sherwood Shopping Center.

Ah, HERE IS THAT GEM! It is an excellent point! IF you ever have to draw your Personal Security Tool and employ it, do not just shoot once, and assume that is going to do the trick. You shoot till the threat is neutralized, one shot or fifteen!
As Ford was leaving the store, briefcase in hand, neighbors said they were behind him. "We support you, Don," a group standing on the curb said. "I hate that it happened," Ford said.

Oi, I wish every community was this supportive. Well, our hero was forced to protect himself and his business, he did well! I wish him all the best!


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Round 2, 3, 4, 5!

Bitch is goin at it AGAIN!

St Helens, TODAY!


Believe it our not, this weeks pin-up is NOT a 1940's girl, despite the look. Retro Pin-Up Model, Chickagogo, hails from Montreal, Canada. I decided not to hold that against her.

Very Very Very Nice.

Freakin Host..

Sorry the Pin-Up took so long to get up. The blog host was down, or my host was acting up, or something, I just couldn't log in.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Workin it..

Working at the Station today. Pin-up will be posted tonight. (She is worth the wait!)
Everybody have a great Monday!