Saturday, December 04, 2004


I am in a CPR Instructors Class all day. Blogging will be light. Besides, you should be spending some time with your family, not staring at my blog.

Why the fire dept?

I had somebody ask me the other day, "Why aren't you a police officer instead of a fireman? You're such a gun nut!"

Well, first I don't consider myself a "nut". Second, I have a very logical reason, I don't like being shot at! OK, look at it this way:
A fire truck rolls onto a scene. Everybody is like "Hurray! Firemen!" Kids shout "Fire Trucks!" Girls gush "Ohhhh.... Look at the firefighters!" (alright, allow me my fantasies..)

Next, a squad car rolls onto the scene. EVERYBODY says "Ahh shit, it's the cops!"

This is why the Law Enforcement Officer deserves more credit than we do. They truly have the shit detail. Those guys see EVERYBODY at their worst, firefighters only see ya if you're sick or hurt or something is burning. One of my best friend's in the whole world is a cop, (Peaches!!) and I'll tell ya, I wouldn't want his job. (Gawd Love Ya Peaches, cause nobody else will!)

So, when you see Officer Friendly, Thank him for doing a good job. And next time you get pulled over for speeding, why don't you try being a little nicer to the cop, and not some much of a righteous asshole. Remember, it WAS YOU who broke the law.

Friday, December 03, 2004


I grew up in Texas. In Texas, football is held in a somewhat religous light. We watch Monday Night Football, and saturday night is the local High School Game. Cheerleaders are as much a part of any football game as the Quarterback and Wide Receiver. It would appear that football is not held in the same regard here in the Pacific Northwest. But the cheerleader still seem the same.

That being said, it's nice to know that THESE girls truly know about good sportsmanship and turning a bad situation into something good.

Goblin Count..

I needed a little pick-me-up this morning, and this did it.

According to Chief Scott Hyatt, the would-be robber was rounding up three employees into the office area when one of the employees shot the man. He died at the scene.

This would be why employers should allow CCW in the work place. They really can save lives.

Dead Goblin Count: 5

Demoncraps trying to steal, AGAIN!

Oi, I may HAVE to go to the range and do some SERIOUS shooting after the week I've had. The "ABS" light thing.... $940 freaking dollars! Turns out I had a bad sensor, leaking seals in the rear, and a bunch a little crap need to be done. Brake rotor are being resurfaced too.

Then, while over at Sondra K's I see this.

Presidential candidate John Kerry sent $250,000 of leftover campaign funds Wednesday to Washington Democrats to help pay for a second recount of votes in the razor-close governor's race.

Jeez, I swear I am gonna burst a freaking blood vessel. "Fuck Nut Kerry" figures that since he didn't win, his money should at least be used to help SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE steal an election.
But that's OK, our demoncratic candidate Christine Gregoire has announced this morning that if she doesn't raise the money for the recount, she will concede. How big of her. ESPECIALLY since it will be too late for her! She HAS to have the $750,000 in by 5:00 pm Pacific Time, OR it's over and Rossi will be Governor for the next 4 year. I have one little piece of advice for Gregoire.... The fucking election is over Moonbat! You lost! Get over it! You lost the first count, and the second. It. Is. Over.

Me. Going. Shooting.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Me. Not. Knowing.

So it appears that my host has been having some problems. I check periodically and I have pictures that don't load, text that dissapears, and it won't let me edit. Then, 15 minutes later, it is fine. I am sure it's nothing major, but please be patient.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sad, Sad, Day

Ohmygawd! I just got some really bad news. Rachel is leaving her site and is going anonymous. How will we find her to partake of her piquant rants and sassy impudence?

Ohhhh.... That Michael (spit, blah!) Moore fan, if I get my hands on him....well, I'd wash them alot. But I would sure like to kick him repeatedly in the balls for about a week or two!

PIG Pics...

So, I feature today, not one of MY favorites, but one of my wife's! The Browning M2 .50 BMG

Browning M2HB Mounted on a vehicle

M2 on tripod

OK, time for the Specs:
  • Caliber: .50BMG (12.7x99mm)
  • Weight: 83 lbs for the M2 alone, 128 lbs complete with M3 tripod
  • Length: 65 in
  • Length of barrel: 45 in
  • Feeding: belt 100 rounds
  • Rate of fire: 450-600 rounds/min

No wonder it takes a Hummer to drag this puppy along! However, have you ever seen a more lovely piece of hardware? I want one, and the Hummer to go with it!

Brakes and Stuff...

So, While I was working at the station, the "ABS" light came on in our truck. So, it's off to the shop for the trusty Ford, while there, it will be winterized for the upcoming snowy season, (chains were loaded into the truck after the first freeze.)

Other than that, it is a quite day. Hope your day is much the same. PIG pic should be up shortly.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


What would you do?

A friend comes to you and asks for your help building a deck. They are supplying everything, and even offer to pay you for your help. You accept, without hesitation. When you arrive to the "house" you find a half finished house with no siding, interior, etc. The "friend" points out that they will also need a front deck, and columns, and a fire place mantle, and your help hauling construction debris to the dump, and planters, and some painting, and moving all of their furniture. He looks at you and says, "Get to work!"

Did I miss something? Since when did "help" mean manual laborer? At one point in the last THREE weeks worth of 16 hour days, I said, "Wow, how much are you guys paying me?"

Him: "Um.. Well.. What do you want?"
Me: "Decks...How about a dollar a sq ft?"
Him: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's pretty funny! No, seriously, how much?"
Me: "What do you think is fair?" Dumb Question....
Him: "Well, I talk to the wife.."

Him: "We talked. How about $500?"
Me: "For the decks.... Cool!"
Him: "No, for everything."

The lowest price he got for the deck was $8 per sq. ft. The painting was going to cost him $4500 alone, (and that was on the cheap! 30 doors and 3600 sq ft of house plus all the trim!) The rest...Who knows. He wants to pay me $500. Today, he says they want to renegotitate because I am taking to much time on the deck. It would have been done today. The thing is, everytime I go to work on it, he drags me off to some other pet project of his. Oh, and the decks? One is 10'x43' and 10 feet off the ground, the other is 10'x8' and in the middle of a mud pit.

After we loaded the SECOND 30 ft U-Haul truck (or what ever the biggest rental truck they had is,) he thinks he can get the rest with a 10 ft trailer.

What do you think? Keep plugging away? Or, tell him to fuck off?


Why is it, when I was a kid, time seemed to go so slow? And now, that I am forced to act as a "grown-up" time seems to go sooo fast? I get home from the station, get the boy off to school, sit down to check email, and it's almost 10:00! Where did the time go?

To make matters worse, I seem to have lost several years! Why it was only a year or two ago that I was a single college guy, dating, party's, good times (not to say I don't have good times now...) As it turns out, that was 10 years ago! A freakin DECADE!

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the missing time is asked to call.....

Monday, November 29, 2004

My Vote in 2008

Here is where my vote is going in 2008!

Now if we can only convince her to run!


I present for you, Dorian Dennis. This beauty made a name for herself working the burlesque scene as "Dee-Dee". She is, believe it or not, more than eye candy. Dorian didn't start dancing until after she got a degree from New York University, in Chemistry!

Dorian Dennis - Circa 1950's

Ba ba boom! That's enough to make the ole ticker skip a beat! Brains and that body? She truly lived up to the nickname "Double Dynamite"!

Enough Said

I am at work at the Fire Station today. Blogging will be light, but I already have todays Pin-up!! Look for it this afternoon!!

If you would like one, they have them for all Armed Forces, Fire and Law Enforcement. Go to

Sunday, November 28, 2004


As you may or may not have noticed, I've been doing a fair amount of construction work these last few weeks. During this time, I have noticed a certain lacking in the equipment department. (Quit your damn giggling Dana and Margi!)

I found these just tonight, whilst looking at Kim DuToit's Skin Pics Excellent site.

The Super Hoss

The Super Hoss Saw Horses....
Oh! Daddy Want!

Rossi Still Wins.

So, They have finished the re-count. Rossi is still the winner. However, Demoncraps have already said they will continue to recount the ballots they have added in county's they won in until they force a statewide hand re-count. At which time, Rossi will still win. Washington may not have a Governor until January.

Oh... Yes... What can I say. The Demoncraps are the embodiment of Poor Sportsmanship. Get over it losers! You lost, have the self respect to concede already!