Friday, October 22, 2004

Hunting Anyone?

Well, I am completely and totally depressed. Phesant season has been in full swing since September 25, and the first Duck season has closed, and will re-open tomorrow.... I have yet to go, EVEN ONCE! What makes matters worse is my lovely wife, the Beautiful Baby Chicken, went to through her Hunters Education Class, just to be able to hunt this year, and I haven't had time to take her! The decoys sit, un-checked. The waders hang, un-inspected. I didn't even make it out to inspect blinds in the pre-season. It would be one thing if this was just for sport. However, we TRULY love the game meat we bring home, and through the off-season, it makes up a significant portion of our diet. I have been wingshooting quail, dove, phesant and duck since I was a wee Laddy. My father and I have spent MANY a weekend out hunting, and had what can only be described as an un-usual relationship. We never had the "I hate you" phase that so many teens suffer. We always had a great relationship. We talked, laughed, and had our 'little secrets.' When my father passed away, it was like I lost three people, my father, my friend and my hunting partner.

"Fuckwit" trying to hunt geese

So now, here I sit, with not only my son, but my wife, all wanting to go hunting. But none of us has the time! However, FuckNut Kerry, (you knew it was going this diection, didn't ya!?!?) has plenty of time to stop off in Ohio and hunt a few geese over a baited field! (That's against the law, people) What really burns my ass, it that he 'claims' to have harvested a goose, yet he carries none out. Whats more, he didn't even carry his own shotgun, HE HAD SOMEONE ELSE CARRY IT! What a lazy piece of shit! I have hauled TWO bags of dekes (short for decoys, for the uninformed,) waders, blind material, shotgun, and my son into the field. This schmuck, who wants my VOTE, can't even carry his own shotty, LET ALONE THE GOOSE HE HARVESTED?? You want my vote Fuckwit? I have three words for you.......NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Well Allow Me to Retort!

YAH, I have FANS! Ok, so I only have one fan.... and one person who hates me. Wait, does that mean they cancel each other out and I am all alone again? Who cares, people are actually reading my blog! People. Read. ME!

I would verbally bash the asshat who left the fowl remarks in my comments page, however, before I could, my wife, the Beautiful Baby Chicken, did it for me. (Thanks sweety, may I have what's left of my manhood back....PLEASE??)

Question for they day..... Are people really so freaking CLUELESS as to believe John "Flip Flop" Kerry, (henceforth to be known as the morally bankrupt, lying, piece of shit. What, that's a little long. How about we just call him Fuckwit.) Are they really that clueless as to believe him when he blames President Bush (henceforth to be known as W,) for the shortage of flu vacinces? Yes folks, 'W' went around a single handedly tainted each of the contaminated batches of the life saving serum. He did this to give 'Fuckwit' more ammo to use against him. He is quoted as saying that this problem is "..this is another example of Bush's incompetence: first the war in Iraq, now flu shots at home." Even the usual liberal media toilet fodder (read AP, Washington Post, NY Times,) has questioned 'Fuckwit's' communist statements regarding 'W's" role in this SNAFU. They have quoted knowledgable people. The AP wire interviewed Dr. Julie Gerberding:

"I'm sorry that this is becoming a political issue," said Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "This is a health issue."

Meanwhile, our brave hero soldiers on, ignoring the accusations of the man who would be President.

*Quotes are from:AP Article from Comcast

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

PIG Pics!

The first ever PIG pic! PIG stands for Politically Incorrect Gun! I will feature these about ever week or so, as the mood strikes me. These will sometimes be rifles, other times I may feature a pistol or shotgun. Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy!

For our very first PIG pic, I decided to feature a tool being used by our Boys in Iraq and Afganistan. The Colt AR-15 Carbine. Although it shoots the questionable .223 Rem (5.56 NATO,) it seems to work well enough on the Taliban! These will set you back about $1200 before tricking it out with the Surefire Weapons Light, Burris Electro-Dot Scope, The Wilderness Giles Sling, and Accesory rails.

Uh....Sure, Whatever.

So, after I firmly established myself in the world O' Blog, my sister Leaky Boobs, in a fit of jealousy, has erected her own Blog. Then, as if not to be out done, my wife, the Beautiful Baby Chicken, has her own Blog. As you can clearly see, I am a role model for all who know me!

As you may, or may not know, I fancy myself as something of a marksman. I figured that, since a blog is nothing without entertaining pictures, I should now post one. Behold........ ME! Last year I paid an actual firearms academy to take me and mold me into a lethal weapon. That failed, so I asked that they make me at least safe around my wife and kid. I finished the class, and not only passed, but managed to pass the shooting test for my
Handgun Masters Certificate.

Me, after being awarded my Handgun Master Certification.

So, with the addition of my first picture, I have hearby decreed, that this blog is OFFICIALLY open for business, and invite one and all to visit, comment, and otherwise make merry!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Well, Ain't That Special!

SO, yet another blog is born. I set this up, not so much for the public at large, but as a spot for me, my friends, and my family to be able to keep in touch, (to cheap for a phone call) and thumb our noses at each others differing political views. Take, for example, my sister, we'll call her Moonbat, (HA, I got the first zinger in!) She was a STAUNCH Howard Dean supporter, now, pro-Kerry, (As I said, MOONBAT!) but believes that Kerry would never bend us over and FUCK US RIGHT UP THE ASS! Oh well......