Saturday, November 13, 2004

World War II Buff..

So I am a BIG time World War II buff. I love the weapons, the equipment, and the history. Even the women of the time are beautiful! (Maybe a new weekly post? Pinup of the week?) Time were simpler, and I think, slower. People took their time creating things. People CARED! More to the point, a persons WORD really meaned something.
I Digress.
So, the 40's. During this time, a Nation called out to it's citizens, and they answered!

This is MY favorite WWII Poster!

If you are wondering what prompted this little blub of useless chatter, blame the damned History Channel. They aired a bunch of WWII shows last night.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's Day

Thank You to ALL Our Veterans!

Air Force


Marine Corp


Coast Guard

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Mount St. Helens

A Friend of Mine sent this picture to me, not bad, eh? Brings it back that this is an ACTIVE volcano, even if we normally can't see it through the mist and rain!

St. Helens on 10/11/2004

Happy Birthday!

From The Official Marine Corp History Site:

10 November 1921: This date marked the first formal commemoration of the birthday of the Marine Corps as 10 November. On 21 October 1921, Maj Edwin McClellan, OIC of the Historical Section, HQMC, sent a memo to MajGen Commandant John A. Lejeune, suggesting that the original birthday of 10 November 1775 be declared a Marine Corps holiday to be celebrated throughout the Corps.

Accordingly, on 1 Nov 1921, Gen Lejeune issued Marine Corps Order No. 47 summarizing the history, mission, and tradition of the Corps, and directed that it be read to every command each 10 November.

One of the many National Iwo Jima Memorial Monument's

How fitting that tomorrow is Veteran's Day. For all of you who are Marines, either Current, Retired, or Honorable Discharged, Thank You. If we ever meet, the first round is on me!

Photo Finish..

OHMYGAWD! It's almost too much to hope for. Dubya was re-elected in what was supposed to be a hotly contested election. No dice. However, the Washington State Governor's Race has turned into EVERYTHING the Presidential wasn't. They are sooooo close, it is ANYBODIES game yet. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. We are rapidly winding down, and as we do, Dino Rossi has jumped ahead for the umpteenth time.

Dino Rossi
The Seattle "Liberal Rag" Times has reported that Dino Rossi is again in the lead, and may win due to were the remaining ballots are from. Rossi may indeed be the next Governor of the Great State of Washington! Can you imagine.......
  1. George W. Bush - President
  2. House of Representatives - Republican Controlled
  3. Senate - Republican Controlled
  4. Dino Rossi - Governor of Washington

Oi, life would be good, very good. If Rossi wins and there's no Lawsuit, re-count or other bullshit whiney Democratic stunts to steal the election, I will do the "Kim DuToit Patented outdoor-naked-singing-dancing happy dance....."

And post the pictures to prove it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

PIG Pic: Do you feel lucky, Punk?

Those words were made famous by Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan, better known as "Dirty Harry". He would utter those words to whatever villainous scum he had bested, usually just before he blew their heads "cleeean off" as he would put it.

So, our newest P.I.G. picture is the ever popular, Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolver. This particular specimen came with an 8¾ inch barrel.

The "Famous" Model 29 .44 Magnum

Nice. OK, The specs.

  • Caliber: .44 Magnum
  • Shots: 6
  • Barrel: 4", 6½" or 8¾"
  • Weight: 51½ oz.
  • Action: Single/Double Action

The cost, about $650 used in excellent condition with the case and extras. The 51+ oz. Really eats up most of the recoil from those big magnum loads, so it is suprisingly easy to shoot. The balance is excellent too! I can also tell you, from first hand experience, that is one of the FINEST triggers on ANY gun I have ever shot. Sweeter than any auto from Kimber, Springfield, or Ruger. It's just soooo smooth. No take up, smooth roll, crisp break. Yes, this is true American Craftsmanship, made when people cared about that kind of thing. If you ever get the chance to shoot one, jump on it like a fat kid on a cup cake!


I got some email regarding my posts. It appears that my settings were set to only allow people with accounts to post comments. Well, This just won't do! I really would like people to comment, SO, as of NOW, you no longer have to register to leave a comment. All I ask is that you at least leave a name on your post.

As for posts, I am home from my shift at the Station, it was uneventful. One fire, one accident. Both turned out to be nothing. One note worthy thing did happen, HALO II came out!! YA! WHOOPEE!! Oh, wait, I don't play those video games. Really folks, what's the big fucking deal?? It's a video game people! What in the sweet Chocolate Christ is wrong with you? Want to know how bad it is? Last night, at midnight, the local Mall opened up to sell the stupid game, and one of the off-duty firefighters went up to get it. The other guys were up til 0500 this morning playing it. Needless to say, they kept me up all night too! And, no, I didn't go out and play, Thankyouverymuch!

Hey, reminder! Veteran's Day is Thursday! Have you hugged a Vet Today?
To Any Reader who Served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America..

Sunday, November 07, 2004

National Ammo Buycott

Well, The National Ammo Buycott starts in just 6 days! This is the brain child of Kim DuToit. On the website for The National Ammo Buycott, his explains his rational.
"The gun/ammunition manufacturers have been taking the brunt of all the frivolous lawsuits brought by the gun-grabbers. These gun-grabbers are trying to put these folks out of business. Well, not if we can help it! And we CAN help it by buying ammunition.."

It's actually more like Ammo Week (Nov 13-20)

I like it! I actually have plans to go and buy at least 100 rounds for every caliber I own, (200 for a couple we shoot regular, and 1000 for .22LR.) All this buying actually has three benefits. First, it helps the ammo manufacturers. Second, it stimulates the local economy. Last, it encourages us to get out and shoot more! Good all the way around!


OK, so throughout this last election, the media did their absolute best to bash President Bush, distort the facts, make false accusations, and generally do everything in their power to influence the public, in order to get THEIR candidate, Sen. John Kerry, elected. This was never so obvious, as when Dan Rather used forged documents to slander President Bush, and make libelous comments. His defense was, at first, that HE KNEW the documents were real. Later, it was not his fault, but a fact checker that worked for the news agency. During the investigation that followed, various people accused the Media of trying to influence the election. These accusations were continually rebuffed, and we were told that the media was impartial, and a lot of the reporters LIKED President Bush.

OK, so tonight, the wife and I are watching some shows we taped. After they were over, I ejected the tape, only to see Andy Rooney's face on the screen. He was doing a quick commentary on the election. He talked about how sorry he felt for the loser, describing how he lost the big game in High School and various other anecdotes.
HOWEVER, tonight, on the Sunday Edition of 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney, is quoted as saying:
"Television did a good job Tuesday night, I thought. I know a lot of you believe that most people in the news business are liberal. Let me tell you I know a lot of them, and they were almost evenly divided this time. Half of them liked Sen. Kerry; the other half hated President Bush."

(emphasis mine)
No shit! HELLO!?! Does anyone else find the comments from this worthless excuse for a human being to be just a little, um, I don't know, CORRECT? Yes, correct! We finally have confirmation that the media is, just as they were accused of being, BIASED! The media has finally ADMITTED they, not only supported John Fuckwit Kerry, but HATED Bush! Now HATE is a very strong word. (Momma taught me that it shouldn't be used!)
What makes this worse, is that he goes on to claim that he wants to get over this "...Viciously divisive election campaign we had. " Yet he continues with comments like:

"I think we're all glad this is over, though. The losers are usually civil about it. Kerry called Bush and congratulated him. The loser doesn't really mean it, of course but it's nice of him to do it. "
Jesus Christ in a Dress People!! WHAT THE FUCK!
Go READ, the link is to the ACTUAL CBS transcript. If after you've read it, you are not as OUTRAGED at the media as I am, then hey, you probably voted for Kerry!

PS. Forward this on to EVERY person you know that voted for Bush, let's hold these shitbags accountable!

Goblin Count...

So, I have yet another tale of a common citizen showing uncommon bravery, and shooting ability. For your reading pleasure, I present, the AP's story feature on Central Florida's WKMG TV.

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- An elderly man defending his hurricane-damaged home fatally shot an intruder as the two scuffled, Escambia County sheriff's deputies say.

Good up to this point, it's a little later in the story that the only problem arises.

Workman told investigators he confronted the man and when he refused to leave tried to warn him away by firing a shot from his .38-caliber handgun into the ground.

OK folks, no matter what, don't ever, ever, EVER fire a warning shot. First, it's irresponsible. I mean, are you ABSOLUTELY certain that the bullet isn't going to bounce and hit an innocent bystander? Second, it's dangerous. While you are firing warning shots, the bad guy pulled his own gun, or worse, retreats into the house you just walked out of, compounding the situation. Last, don't EVER go out to confront the bad guy. Call 911. If your life isn't in danger, there is no reason to make it in danger by going out TO THE BAD GUY! Seriously, that's why cops wear kevlar! I don't know about yours, but my robe and bunny slippers aren't made of kevlar!