Saturday, July 23, 2005

Gone.. Be back Tomorrow..

I love this.. I want this on a t-shirt!!

If anybody finds one, let me know!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekend Fun..

Well! I got home late last night from my Final Written and Practical Exams. I passed them all. So now I can go on and take my Washington State Intravenous Therepy Techincians Exam, on Tuesday. What a mouthful!

Tomorrow I have a pancake feed at 0600, a Crime Scene Class with the Sheriffs Dept at 0900, I leave for the WA State Fire Academy at 1400 for an overnight stay, and hope to be back late Sunday.. So much for a relaxing weekend!

I bought new mags for the Ken Hackathorn class. I got a great deal from this guy. He has great prices and all sorts of goodies for various firearms.. Go see him! My new shotgun should be here Monday. I'll go pick that up, and get my ammo. 1300 rounds.. Ugh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

End of an Era..

James Doohan, 85, the memorable Scotty from Star Trek, has passed in his home in Redmond WA.

Rest in Peace..

Todd of the Week!

And here we have our next TODD!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Everything at once..

Wow, I forgot what it's like to sit at a desk and be bored to tears for 8 hours at a time. I miss the Fire Dept. Tomorrow should be better, we are doing core samples with a portable drill rig.

I have IV training tonight, in about an hour (1800 hrs.) It's the last class before our exam on Thursday. I have already reviewed all the tests they gave us, and should be OK, then next week is my Washington State Exam.. fun.

My new shotty has shipped, and should be here some time either the end of the week, or first of next week. Then, I'll buy ammo, and take pictures of the whole mess for ya! Well, I am off to finish some reports for my class. Have a nice evening!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Pin-Up Pic..

OK, a quickie, then I'm off to work..
How about Linda Blair?

Yah, I know that everybody says they can't get over the image of her spewing pea soup while tied to a bed in "Exorcist", but dude, she's hot!

Here's a link to prove it! (Not work safe)


So Sunday was spent out in the field on a search mission.. No luck. The subject has been missing for over a week, we don't think they are even in the area. Oh well..

Today I start a new job.. I got picked up for a 6 week temp job with the State of Washington. I will be working at the D.O.T. in their Materials Testing Laboratory. This is similar to what I did in College, for my education as a Geological Engineer. Yes, I know I could be using that education better, but I LOVE firefighting. But this is money, NOW, and the Dept hasn't hired me yet! Still waiting on the results from my Firefighter I Exam.

Besides, I wanna get one of these for my beautiful wife!

So, everybody have a great Monday!