Monday, August 22, 2005

Fallen Brother..

Here's a story of a Brother Firefighter who died in combat in Iraq.
Not much a person can say but "Thank You" for serving..

John Kulick was killed August 9th, while serving his country when stationed in Iraq. John was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, a Career Firefighter/EMT for Whitpain Township, and served as a volunteer for Hatboro, holding the rank of Deputy Chief.

John was also the president of the union. John was killed when he was ambushed when he was on patrol of the northern Iraq city of Beiji.

Hundreds turned out Thursday August 18th, to pay their final respects for a fallen brother. John received a full firefighter/military funeral in Hatboro. John leaves behind a young daughter.

Here is a photo of the Peace Arch made by the Ladder Trucks..

Rest in Peace.

Pin-Up Pic..

OK, so I was born and raised in Texas. I met my wife in Texas. I am a Dallas Cowboys Fan. I will ALWAYS have a very large soft spot in my heart for Texas women. So this weeks Pin-up should come as little surprise. Miss Anna Nicole Smith. HOWEVER, I love her photos of her BEFORE the marriage, weight gain and loss, failed TV career, and the rest of her BS. So, here is our first pic..

Oh my.. Now, a little about her..

She was born November 28th, 1967 in Houston, TX. She was.. Ah, who cares, here's another pic!

Damn... That girl has CURVES!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ripped Off..

About a year ago, the wife and I had the gun collection appraised. We took them in to our trusted Gunsmith a few at a time, and he created an appraisal list for the insurance company. This was fine, until we got to this one particular shotgun..

Gunsmith: "You interested in selling this?"
Me: "I hadn't thought about it. I guess I could part with it. What's it worth and what ya got to trade."

At this point he tells me the gun is worth about $800 or so, and he would be willing to trade for the Springfield Armory M1 Garand I had been eyeballing for the last 6 months.

Gunsmith: "The shotgun and $200 and the rifle is yours."

I am thinking, "That's about an $1100 rifle, so I am getting a deal!"

We did the deal.

I found out last week.. He fucked me HARD! That shotgun was a classic, limited edition, Winchester 101 Pigeon Grade in .410, and was worth around $3500. One sold recently on a Gun Auction site to a guy back East for $8000.

Never, never, NEVER take anybodies advice on how much a gun is worth. Always do the footwork yourself.

On a bright side, I guess he has a guilty conscience, because he has re-built triggers for me, blued parts, and done other work, at no charge. But still.. DAMN!