Saturday, April 16, 2005

Another PIG Pic..

A reader has asked for a picture of the NEW SAW that the Marines are using, and who am I to refuse! TrekMedic.. If you happen to be writing your nephew, tell him I said THANKS for serving his country, we owe him, BIG TIME!

So this is the M240G. This little honey is being brought into service by the US Marine Corp to replace the aging M60. Some quick specs:

  • Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Length: 47.5 inches (120.65 centimeters)
  • Weight: 24.2 pounds (10.99 kilograms)
  • Bore diameter: 7.62mm (.308 inches)
  • Maximum effective range: 1.1 miles (1.8 kilometers) on tripod mount
  • Rates of fire: Cyclic: 650-950 rounds per minute Rapid: 200 rounds per minute Sustained: 100 rounds per minute
  • Unit Replacement Cost: $6,600
Not cheap! But, this is a little different from the M240 the Army uses. The Army's SAW fires the same 5.56 (.223) round that the M16/M4 does. It can use a M16 magazine, or be belt fed.
Here is some relevant data on the 240G:

A similar version of the M240, the M240G, is the standard US Marine Corps medium machine gun. The Marine Corps is replacing the M60E3 with the M240G. The ground version of the M240 allows for a common medium machine gun throughout the Marine Corps. The M240G Machine Gun is the ground version of the original M240/M240E1, 7.62mm medium class weapon designed as a coaxial/pintle mounted machine gun for tanks and light armored vehicles. The rate of fire may be controlled by three different regulator settings. The M240G is modified for ground use by the installation of an "infantry modification kit," comprised of a flash suppressor, front sight, carrying handle for the barrel, a buttstock, infantry length pistol grip, bipod, and rear sight assembly.

Enjoy! Hope I pissed off some whining, cry baby, gun fearing wussies with this!
I am resonable sure this is the correct 240.. Here is a picture ( website) of some Marines playing with their new toy at the range at 29 Palms qualifing on their new M240G.
And HERE is a link to MORE pictures of Marines having a good time playing with their BIG toys!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Home Alone..

So, the wife is away, takin her test. She should be home late tonight. I have been asked what her new tattoo is, and what it looks like.. Well, it should come as no surprise to you, but my Beautiful Baby Chicken, got a baby chicken!

The artist really did a great job, she is very happy with the work. Hell, I'm happy with the work! So happy, in fact, that he is gonna be doin my next piece.

PIG Pic..

Our PIG Pic today is a classic that is still manufactured today, the Browning BAR.

This is the Old BAR. This is what was carried in European and the Pacific Theaters of World War 2. The BAR was used as a SAW, and was reliable, accurate, and a favorite of the troops.

This is the New BAR. Although no longer included in the Militaries Armory, it could be! It fires a bigger round than the current SAW (or Squad Automatic Weapon) and is more accurate. What's best is, Browning offers the BAR in FOUR calibers, so there is a little something for everybody!

OK, The specs:
  • Caliber/Ga: .270 Win, 30-06 spfld, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag
  • Barrel Length: 22 or 24 inches
  • Overall Length: 42 or 44 inches
  • Length of Pull: 13 5/8 inches
  • Drop at Comb: 5/8 inches
  • Drop at Heel: 1 1/8 inches
  • Nom. Weight: 6lbs 15oz up to 7 lbs 8 oz
  • MSRP: $885 - $965
Yup, if I ever win the lottery, this will be one of the first guns I buy!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The wake up call..

0300: Pager goes off. By a fluke, I just happen to be awake. As I am walking over to grab it, I am thinking, "Boy, somebodys gonna be pissed that they got woke up at 3am!" I was, of course, assuming it was a tap out for the fire department. Wrong.

"*SEARCH* Missing 9yo boy, Team leaders call dispatch immed."

Well, the page was for me, DAMN!

We spent all night, and morning looking for this young man. I had to leave at about 9 this morning, as the next shift of searchers was coming on. They just issued another page for searchers to be back at search base at 1700 hrs for another shift change. Not happy. We did a rough search of everything within about a mile, but looks like we may have to expand our search. Ugh.

Here is another story on the initial search efforts.

So, the PIG pic may be a little delayed, however, as I mentioned in the previous post, "These things we do, so that others may live."

Wish us luck, I think we are going to need it..

UPDATE: He has been found, safe.

Pin-Up Pics..

Holy Crap! How could I have possible forgotten to post the Pin-up pics?? I must have had a serious lapse!

SO, today I give you a current hottie, rather than a past hottie. However, this young ladies MOTHER is a past hottie who goes by the name of Jayne Mansfield! So, I present, her daughter, the wonderfully-named Mariska Hargitay.

Nice, but how about a leg shot..

Oh, momma!

Many will recognize her from the current TV show, Law and Order SVU. Not me, I haven't gotten past the legs yet!

Cold Shower time, again..

Favorite Patches..

I kinda collect patches. None in particular, just ones that strike my fancy.

This is a generic fire patch. It would work for just about any department, just looks cool!

Now this is a military patch. It is for a CSAR, or Combat Search and Rescue Crew. They fly a HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter, and rescue downed pilots, or pull Spec-Ops teams out when their bacon is in the fire. I love the quote on it. "If you go down, we will come." Yea, I'm just gonna leave that one alone.

This is the "Universal" Search and Rescue or SAR patch. The blue in the patch, represents the sky, while the golden light shining down represents the ray of hope for those in need. The angel represents protection and rescue from danger, while the red robe symbolizes the valor with which we carry out our humanitarian missions. Our motto, "These things we do, THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE".

Sad.. :(

Well, my dear wife leaves me today.
Yes, the time has come for her to depart, travel to Seattle, and take her test. She has studied long and hard. She took the last couple of days off to rest, play, and get her tattoo. But now, she will leave me a bachelor, (for about 36 hours) and go suffer through a grueling 8-12 hour test, yuck!
So, everybody, think positive thoughts, wish her all the luck you can!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


OK, This story defies any and ALL explanations.
MORRISVILLE, Vt. - A 17-year-old Morrisville youth was being held on $100,000 bail after police said he raided a tomb in a cemetery and removed a head from a corpse.
Authorities are not sure of the motive of the crime. Court documents said the suspect allegedly talked of using the man's head as a bong or a pipe for smoking marijuana.

Jeez. He removed the corpse's head to use it as a bong.

Yup, whaddaya say we just go right ahead and legalize marijuana.. NOT!

Monday, April 11, 2005


Workin today, pullin my 24 at the station. The pin-up will be up later tonight, but for now, go check THIS out! Did you see them blow that case up? Holy Crap! Anyway, it was cool to see the cop tackle that guy. Now watch, they are going to find out he was some foreign exchange student, who just stepped off the boat, and had NO IDEA what was going on.. That would suck!

Anyway, have a good monday!