Thursday, March 17, 2005

Caught in the Act..

OK. This is so strange, not even I could have thunk this up!
OSU junior defensive tackle Ben Seigert has been arrested, for among other things, stealing a Ram from the university sheep center early Friday morning.
That's not the weird part..
Seigert might have gotten away with the prank if he hadn't been caught driving the getaway car more than 60 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone.
Dumb, but not the weird part yet.. Keep 'ur pants on.. Wait for it... OK.. Here it is..
Deputies believe the Ram, which was part of an OSU study on homosexuality, was not harmed.
Oh ya.. A study on Homosexuality, in Rams.. This guy is in for some SERIOUS jokes. So this is what Oregon taxpayers money is going to.. Study homosexuality in sheep. Umkay. Repeat after me.. Sofa King, We Todd Did.

Folks, stealing a rival schools Mascot is a tradition that goes back, well, a long ways. Other favorites are vandalizing the big rock letter that is proudly displayed on the side of the mountain. You know, sneaking in, in the middle of the night, with 3 gallon weed sprayers and painting it all sorts of pretty pastel colors. Then sending a letter to the editor of the school paper claiming the "Tooth Fairy" or "Easter Bunny" did it.

I mean, not that I would EVER do anything like that.. Nope, Not me.. Never happen.. Not Gonna Do it.. Just wouldn't be Prudent..

PIG Pic..

Folks, everybody should own a firearm. (With some exceptions, like convicted Felons, and the Mentally Questionable, you know, psychopaths, Democrats, etc.) It is my firm belief that if more people knew how to handle firearms, the country would be a safer place, for law abiding citizens.

Since most people won't (or can't) devote as much time as I do towards the shooting sports, the general populace will need a firearm which is easy to shoot, reliable, and SIMPLE! Enter the Ruger SP101!

This is a 5 - shot, .357 Magnum, rated for +p rounds! The nice thing about the .357 is, you can practice with the light .38 special rounds, then pack the .357 Magnums for the Goblins!
  • Gauge/Caliber: .357 Magnum
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Finish: Satin Stainless
  • Stock/Grip: Rubber w/ Synthetic Insert
  • Barrel Length: 2 1/4"
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Other Features: Transfer Bar Operating Mechanism with Cylinder Interlock
  • Suggested Retail Price: $ 515.00
  • Miscellaneous: Spurless Hammer, Double Action Only

You will notice that ours has the green grip panels.. Those were purchased on Ebay for the low, low price of $22.00!

Relatively inexpensive, easy to shoot, accurate, and most of all, SIMPLE. Yup, Every home in America should have one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Yes, that's 9-1-1, as in the phone number, not the date. This is the number that the gun grabbers and commies want you to call if something bad is happening. By calling this number, the Police will magically materialize in your yard, and save the day. Now, back to reality.

Story, a person calls 911, reporting another person has been assaulted, police arrive, and shoot bad-guy.

Portland, Ore -- Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies and Portland Police officers were involved in a shooting incident that killed a murder suspect Saturday morning. They responded to a burglary call at a home northwest of Portland off Highway 30 shortly before 7:00 A.M.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Spokesman Lt. Mike Shults says the person who called 9-1-1 said the suspect had burglarized a nearby mobile home on the property and had assaulted the woman living there. The suspect then entered the caller’s house and began ransacking the first floor.

Officers arrived and found a woman dead outside the mobile home. Shults says when officers confronted the suspect, he had a weapon. Both Portland Police and Sheriff’s deputies fired, hitting and killing the suspect.

A 14 year old girl calls 9-1-1 to report a guy beating her grandmother outside their home. Scum bag pulls a knife, and stabs her. Girl watches all of this, giving the 9-1-1 operator a blow by blow description, including the amount of blood. The youngster locks herself in the bedroom as the scumbag breaks in, and starts to tear the place apart, looking for anything to steal. Police arrive, (to late for the Grandma) and confront and KILL the scumbag.

Folks, I have HEARD the 911 tapes on this. The news doesn't want to play all this, because if they did, people would start to figure out that the MEDIA is WRONG! The Police can't be there every minute of every day, and you need to take some responsibility for your own safety. Imagine if this girl had grown up shooting, knew how to handle a firearm. Do you think the story would have turned out different? Maybe.. We may never know. I do know this. That girl will wonder for the rest of her life if there was anything more she could have done to help Grandma.


Monday, March 14, 2005


Julie Gibson, like a good number of classic burlesque dancers defined their careers with one gimmick. For her, it was the "Dance of the Bashful Bride."

Gibson would transform from a sweet and innocent blushing bridge on her wedding day to a less-than-innocent honeymoon night bump-and-grinder. Dressed in full bridal wear, she would walk down the stairs to the stage as if she were preceding down a church aisle. Once on stage, more than just the bridal bouquet would be thrown off.

With her small stature (5' 4"), curvaceous measurements (35-23-35), and innocent pout, Gibson would be just the type of girl that men in the club would dream of marrying. And as a bonus, she could look sexy and seductive while taking off a big wedding gown! It was the classic Angel vs. Devil and the Virgin vs. Whore act all rolled up into one.

Gibson, (like many dancers of the 1950's,) was brought before a judge to defend her act against obscenity charges. She called her act "art" and offered to do her dance in the courtroom in front of the judge. The judge declined and after that the case fizzled away.

I think that another cold shower is in order..

Polite Society..

"An Armed Society, is a Polite Society.."
-Robert A. Heinlein

The shooting matches my
Lovely Wife and I compete in are called "Polite Society Matches". The rules are simple, the scoring is simple. Here are the rules as posted by the Firearms Academy:

Mission Statement: F.A.S. Tactical Matches are held for the education and enjoyment of the participants. They will consist of several scenario-type stages of fire, designed to depict real life or potential deadly force encounters, along with shooting exercises designed to test self-defense skills with firearms. The discipline of self-defense with firearms is one in which valid survival tactics and techniques are coming to light as an on-going process. We hope to fuel that process through critical thinking, experimentation and valid research. The shooter is encouraged to respond to the scenarios as close to real-life as possible, and to give match directors and range officers critical feedback when appropriate. THIS IS NOT A SPORT, and should not be treated as such. There is no division of equipment or classification of shooters. We hope that you will participate to learn, enjoy and help us all develop good self-defense skills. Unless otherwise indicated for a specific scenario, the following rules of engagement are in effect. The match director has the right to modify or change these rules to fit a particular scenario.

Scoring: All stages will be scored on a Pass/Fail basis. If a shooter commits a tactical error that could get himself or someone else killed, he fails the stage. Examples of tactical errors include:

1) Exposure to hostile targets. Shooter allows himself to be exposed to any hostile target for longer than 2 seconds without first engaging that target. When using cover, the R-O will be the judge on whether or not you are using cover effectively. You may only expose that portion of your body necessary for you to neutralize that particular target. If not, he will stop you, assess the penalty, (death/failure) and then allow you to proceed and finish the stage. This penalty shall be assessed anytime the shooter allows this exposure WHEN there is available cover to use.

2) Improper tactical engagement: Shooter does not engage an array of targets in good tactical order. An example of improper tactical engagement might be facing 3 targets, one at 3 yards, one at 5 yards, and one at 7 yards. All other things being equal, the target at 3 yards should be engaged first.

3) Failure to neutralize target. It is widely known that handguns, while portable, are not very effective neutralizers. Consequently, we have devised a system for judging hits that we think closely reflects what is good tactical practice. Based on a 10-point A-zone of an IPSC target, (10 points also for a B-zone, 5-points for a C-zone, and 2 points for a D-zone) at least 20 points are required to neutralize any paper target that is engaged as a single target. When facing multiple targets which must be engaged in the same shooting flurry, 10 points are required to neutralize each target. Reactive targets such as steel plates or Reactive Teds must fall to be neutralized.

4) Engaging a no-shoot target. Shooter attempts to shoot a no-shoot target, whether he hits it or not.

5) Failure to verbalize/negotiate: On any stage which clearly depicts a hostage situation, or a situation where verbal skills outweigh shooting skills, if the shooter fails to make a good faith attempt at negotiating the release of the hostage or resolve the situation verbally, then he fails.

6) Too close to targets. Shooter allows himself to get within arms reach of any target not neutralized.

7) Match disqualification: Failure to follow the established scenario for any stage shall result in match disqualification. An example of this would be in a rescue scenario, purposefully leaving the hostage behind to allow a faster time. You HAVE to follow the scenario. (NOTE: If shooter finds a better way to solve the problem than the stage designer intended, and can convince the match director that he "did it better," then shooter shall receive no penalty.)

Equipment guidelines and miscellaneous procedures:
Firearms: Any self-defense handgun, .380 caliber or larger, without add-on compensators or optical sights are allowed. If an internal compensator is used, it shall not modify the gun to the extent of changing it's original factory dimensions. If rifles or shotguns are called for in a match, they too shall be of a type consistent with normal self-defense or law enforcement application. No external compensators or optics allowed on shotguns, rifles are pretty much personal preference, due to the vast array of rifles and scopes available. If a back-up gun is carried, it should meet the above criteria also. Exceptions to the above are made on a case-by-case basis.

Holsters: Only self-defense/concealed carry/duty holsters are allowed. They should be of a type that would allow day-long concealed carry or duty use.

Magazines: Only 1 extra double stack magazine, (or two if on a L.E. duty belt), or 2 extra single stack magazines or speedloaders are allowed to be carried on the shooters person. No additional magazines are allowed for any back-up gun. No stage shall be designed to require more than 10 shots, so unless you are a real crummy shot, it shouldn't matter.

Targets used: Primarily, targets shall be either steel knockdown, cardboard IDPA or IPSC targets, Reactive Teds (dummy targets), or cartoon targets depicting good-guy/bad-guy identification problems, or a combination of these targets. Other targets may also be used from time-to-time, and shall be specified in the stage description. ALL shoot targets shall be identified as such, either in the stage description, or by physical identification, such as a picture of a gun, a word, or some other obvious identification. Any target not identified as a shoot target is automatically considered a no-shoot target. Pay attention to the stage descriptions.

That's it. Where as for IPSC and IDPA there is a rule book 100 pages long, and power modifiers, etc. So, what were the stages at this last match? There were 4 shooting stages, and 2 tactical, or "Thinking" stages.
Stage One: The Classic El Presidente. Facing up-range (away from the targets) with the hands held above the shoulders, on the signal, the shooter turns and draws, firing 2 rounds into each of 3 targets (total 6 rounds), reloads, and again fires 2 rounds into each of 3 targets.

Stage Two: Steel Challenge1. Man on Man, shooter must knock down his 5 steel plates faster than his opponent.

Stage Three: Moving Target. Shooter will have about 2.5 seconds to shoot a moving target twice. This is repeated 2 more times, for a total of 3 passes. This is not much time considering you start as soon as you see the target, and you are holstered AND concealed! (My Favorite!)

Stage Four: Steel Challenge II. Man on Man again, this time you shoot a green silhoutte first, then shoot 3 steel falling plates. NOTE: If a steel plate falls, and pops back up, which they do, you MUST shoot it down again, life ain't fair sometimes!

Tactical Stage One: Your left front tire has gone flat, you are out changing it, three armed individuals approach and demand your car keys and your money, but AFTER you finish changing the tire. Cinch the last lug nut and deal with the problem.
(Personal Note: We just cooperated, gave them everything they wanted, and they let us walk away. No car or truck is worth my life. There were 3 bad guys, who had us surrounded. It would have been bad tactics to pull a gun and try to win against a numerically and tactically superior force. I just tried to be a good witness. As it was, we both lived/Passed!)

Tactical Stage Two: Aftermath of the Robbery/Shooting (Some people did try to shoot it out). Police want a report of what happened, and a description of the bad guys. Hope you paid attention!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Signs signs everywhere there's signs..

OK, so last week I am driving up I-5, (yes I-5. As in the main Interstate Highway from Canada to Mexico) to go to Seattle for the Firefighter Stairclimb... And I see this along side the highway.

I almost had an accident! Just in case you can't read it.. It says, "Democrat motto Vote Early Vote Often" And this is a FULL SIZE, COLOR SIGN!

I am surprised some Evil Commie Piece of Crap© hasn't decided that the owners freedom of speech violates his civil rights and demands it be taken down!


As many may, or may not know, Acrunchyfrog, AKA Peaches (don't ask, it's a long story) and I have been friends for a long time. Yes, yes, I am aware that in some states it's illegal for a Firefighter to be friends with a Law Enforcement Officer. However, they can politely blow me!

As it turns out, there are many good "Continuing Education for Police Officer" type classes held here in our neck of the woods, and so, when he can, he comes over and stays with us a few days!

This week was a 2-fer! He had a great class, then we had a shooting competition on Sunday! Nice!

Here is Peaches enjoying a quick snack at the competition.. His shirt says.. "You have the Right to remain Silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you in a court of law.."

These are the steel plates and poppers that were used for two of the shooting stages of the competition!

And THIS would be my Beautiful Baby Chicken, shooting her steel match versus another shooter. You can she she is shooting her new Springfield XD-9. All stages had to be shot "cold" (no warm up on the stage) and had to be shot with concealed carry gear, and draw was from concealment! Dems da rules!

For those who may be wondering.. The little Wife didn't fall of the planet. She has been studying for the last few months, (not a typo, I said the last FEW MONTHS!) for her big professional licensing Exam. It is a VERY big deal! So, she may be real busy for about another 6 weeks, then, she should be back to blogging!


This is how I spent my Saturday..

The house was donated to our department for the EXPRESS purpose of being burned down. We load the house with fuels like cardboard boxes, old furniture, and wood pallets, then burn each room in a controlled manner. By doing this, we can generally "burn" a house 6-10 times inone day!

Once the house has reached the point that it really wants to burn, we evacuate the house, and let it go!

This is what WE do for fun!