Friday, April 01, 2005


Pullin a shift for a brother at the station.. So, no other post til tonight, probably late because I have a monthly Board of Directors meeting for my Search and Rescue team. Then I'm doing a public education display at the local YMCA for the Department most of the day Saturday. Busy busy busy!

I did find out one thing today.. Apparently I did NOT have food poisoning. It was exposure to a chemical agent used at the department to kill ants. Some rocket scientist sprayed it all over the kitchen, and it made the whole crew sick for the last couple of days. Yah!

Everybody keep thinking positive thoughts for the little wifey! Only 2 more weeks til her BIG TEST! She is really starting to feel the crunch.

Question: Would it be bad to show up to my Search and Rescue Board of Directors meeting tonight, with a cocktail in hand??

Thursday, March 31, 2005


In a surprise move, our lying cheating quack of a governor has decided to TAX CANNED MEAT!

Oh, this is WAR! Let's all gather at the Puget Sound and throw ALL our tinned meats over board!

Wait, I forgot, we eat a mostly vegetarian diet, except for the meat I hunt each year, or the beef that a friend raises..

Oh, well, feel free to go ahead with your fancy Spam tax Mrs. Governor Christine Gregoire.

*All images stolen from the SPAM website.


I found these over at and laughed my ass off for a good 5 minutes.. ENJOY!

PIG Pic..

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate.."
-from the movie "Cool Hand Luke"
PIG Pic today is another tool serving with our Hero's over in the Dust Bowl, the Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle, once designated the M82A1, and now known as the M107.

The Barrett M82A1 . 50 Cal came out in 1982, so it has over 20 years in service!

The Military recently re-designated it the M107, who knows why.
OK, the specs, from Barrett:
  • Barrel Length: 29 Inches (73.67 cm)
  • Rifling Twist: 1 turn in 15 inches (38.1 cm)
  • Rifle Weight: 33.8 pounds (12.9 kg)
  • Overall Length: 57 inches (144.78 cm)
  • Cost: $7,000
Included with the Rifle:
  • Air/Watertight Carrying Case
  • 1913 Accessory Rail
  • Detachable Bipod with Adjustable Legs
  • Iron Sights
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • One Ten Round Magazine
  • Carrying Handle

Not Bad.. This comes as no surprise, but I want one..

Food Poisoning Sucks..

Wow, Tuesday morning I got home from work and felt fine, for about 6 hours, then it hit me... Like the proverbial "Ton of Bricks". Food Poisoning.

Two days later, I FINALLY feel better. But it took MASSIVE doses of medicine. I never never never want to go through that again! I would rather have Montazuma's Revenge, (for the third time!)

So, I have todays PIG picture, you're gonna love it.. It should be up shortly. Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2005


Our pin-up is one of the most well known of OUR time, the aptly named, Dita Von Teese!

Dita Von Teese is currently married to Marilyn Manson, yes, the psycotic bat head biting drug freak punk rocker.

Dita Von Teese2 website says:

Dita spends her free time collecting vintage couture hats, art deco era clothing and rare antique books about the history of burlesque and her favorite stars. She drives a restored original 1939 Chrysler New Yorker and is an accomplished ballet, swing and argentine tango dancer. She spends her time off from traveling to relax at home in Hollywood with her fiancé Marilyn Manson, their two Devonshire Rex cats Lily and Aleister, and two dachshunds Greta and Eva.

Alrighty then! By the way, the lovely wife picked all these pictures out for me.. Man she has good taste!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

The one thing that The Beautiful Baby Chicken and I love to do is entertain guests at our home. Since most of our friends are either firefighters or engineers, we try to stock a decent bar. We had a friend come over the other day and make a comment that struck me as funny.. He said, "Jeez, why not open your own bar?"
"The Firehouse Tavern: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun!"

I like it! Question is, would anybody else? I picture a nice, well lit bar (but not bright, people who like to drink in the dark are strange) with small intimate tables, a couple of big arm chairs over by a very large fire place, and an actual REAL boar hair dart board, (no plastic tip BS in MY bar!)

Around the bar are bar stools, but not normal stools, these are nice comfy chairs with padded backs and arms. Hard wood paneling on the walls, big bowls of peanuts you crack and throw the shells on the floor, the smell of leather and scotch, firefighter memorabilia on the shelves..

What do yah think?