Saturday, November 19, 2005


What does it mean when your mother sends you pictures like this?

Jeez.. That's a hell of an artist..

Now, if you'll excuse me, my mother sent that, and I need to throw up.. Then take a cold shower.

Me... Still Alive... Now EMPLOYED!

Yup. Gone are the days of my being a stay at home dad. I have joined the ranks of the fully employed!

Although I DID in fact receive my IFSAC Firefighter 1 certification, AND my Washington State IV Tech certification, and was third on the hire list for my Department, I did NOT get a job as a firefighter.

I got the permanent position with the DOT as a Transportation Technician, still working in their Materials Lab. Actually putting all that college education to work!
(Although I have been working for the DOT for the last 4 months, it has been as a non-permanent employee, now I am permanent!)

Other than that, I have just been SOOOOO busy. I do have a new addition to the family.. Actually, THREE!

First, is a World War II Remington Rand 1911. It was in HORRIBLE shape when I found her.

So I took her completely apart..

And rebuilt her..

Ain't she PURDY!!
New Barrel, new bushing, new grip bushings and panels. I found an original mainspring housing, and bought new parts for it, new slide stop/release. New springs all around. She is a living, breathing piece of American History. And she's back from the dead.

Second was a Colt Agent .38spl. She was also in pretty rough shape. But after a new hammer and a "new set" of original grips, and a COMPLETE cleaning, she is looking good too!

Man, luvin it!

The last addition to the family has yet to arrive. He is due Monday. We are getting a dog. Yes, I know.. Hard to believe that I have deprived my son of a pet for all this time, but we wanted to make sure the time was right.

Cute little thing, ain't he?

So, I hope that the posts will be a little more frequent from here on out.. Hope..