Friday, February 04, 2005

PIG pics..

Since the Washington State Gubermint is really trying to push through the "Dumb Fuck Law" "assault weapons ban", and since we are leaving this Communist cesspool anyway, it doesn't matter if they know I have an EEEEVVVVIILLLLLL assault weapon! Well, actually I don't have this one... It's my wife's!

The Ruger Mini 14. Ruger makes some of the stoutest tools I have ever seen. This thing may not be the most accurate thing out of the box, but it is reliable! (and that goes a very long way in my book!) So, here are the specs:

Sub-Type: Centerfire Autoloading
Family Name: Mini-14® Ranch Rifle
Gauge/Caliber: .223 Rem
Finish: Blued
Stock/Grip: Hardwood
Barrel Length: 18 1/2"
Rear Sight: Ghost Ring Aperture
Suggested Retail Price: $ 750.00
The Mini 14.. Just about perfect for a Lady like the Beautiful Baby Chicken!

New Computer!

Oh I just can't wait! Today, I ordered our NEW computer! I know I know, waste of money, coulda got it cheaper, yada yada yada. Look, Dell has a SOLID reputation, they warranty their stuff, and it doesn't matter, cause if it goes screwy, I can rebuild the thing! Fact is, we needed a new computer, the price was good, and we got everything we wanted, for LESS that we budgeted! We didn't need anything super fancy. We mostly read email, blog, and surf for porn the internet. At most, we edit a couple of pics a little, and email those on to friends and family.
So, what did we get? I am glad you asked!

A Dell Dimension 3000 P4 running at 3GHZ, 800 fsb (where the real speed comes from!), 512MB DDR-SDRAM (400MHz,) 17 in monitor, 40GB (7200RPM) harddrive (We have yet to fill the 10 GB that we have now!) with Windows XP Home Edition for our OS (spare me the Linux, Mac bullshit,) 48X max CD-RW drive (make our photo CD's!) and I got rid of the 2 yr warranty, and went with 90 days.

It ain't all tricked out, it ain't the fastest on the block, and it won't make toast, or run our household. What it will do is replace our failing, tired, old 566! Then, I can take that computer, replace the Harddrive, add a new power supply, and bump the RAM, and give it to the boy to play his educational games!

Oh, we also added a Web Cam, so we can send movies to family and friends and chat online with em!

Our NEW BABY is expected mid February!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Our Pin-up girl is without a doubt, one of the most celebrated, and tragic of them all, Miss. Marilyn Monroe!

What follows was shamelessly stolen from another site, but I am going to use it because it so perfectly captures Marilyn Monroe's life.
This week we take a look at probably the most important glamor girl ever. Marilyn Monroe, in the last few decades, has become less of an actual human being and more of a mythical hero. Her life, on screen and off, made her not only a star, but a pop culture goddess. Volumes have been written about her life, death, and use as metaphor in modern culture. She was a pin-up model, movie starlet, wife of a playwright and baseball legend, and supposed presidential plaything. It was her centerfold that launched the Playboy empire and it was the image of her in that white dress being blown up around her that defined sex appeal in Hollywood in the 1950's. She was a complicated mix of the naive little girl and the sophisticated siren. She lived life fast and died young--the perfect combination for immortality. Monroe has transcended everything she did and everything she was to become part of the world's collective consciousness. She is a myth that will survive far beyond her era.

Hubba Hubba..


Dead Goblin Count..

So, we have for your viewing pleasure, the NEXT installment of, "The Dead Goblin Count."

Today, our Hero, a resident down south in "The Big Easy" was forced to defend his life, and that of his family. I have copied the ENTIRE story here, only because the FACISTS at the News Agency require a registration, and I wouldn't make you do that! (Why Yes, I am a nice guy! Thanks!)

N.O. East man shoots and kills burglar trying to enter
A New Orleans East resident shot and killed a man who was allegedly trying to break into his home Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred in the 9900 block of East Wheaton Circle around 12:30 p.m.

According to investigators, the resident was at home alone when the doorbell rang. The man told officers that a short time later he heard glass breaking and saw a man who police have identified as 34-year-old Ferrial C. Johnson armed with a car jack trying to break into his kitchen.

Investigators said the man armed himself and warned the suspect, who continued to try to gain entrance before being shot once. The suspect fled the rear yard and collapsed near the carport.

Officers said the suspect was wearing gloves and holding a car jack when he was found.

In addition, officers said the dead man is a suspect in an attempted break in that occurred about a half mile away, just minutes before the shooting.

A witness in that case described the suspect’s getaway car and license number and they matched those found on the car in front of the shooting scene.

Police said that at the present time no charges are being filed against the resident who shot the intruder. "Certainly if a homeowner feels that his or her life is in imminent danger, then that person has a right to protect himself or the lives of other individuals who may be present inside the home," said Police spokesman Marlon Defillo.

I could not have said this ANY better... "Certainly if a homeowner feels that his or her life is in imminent danger, then that person has a right to protect himself or the lives of other individuals who may be present inside the home,"
So ends our Hero's story..